Naveed Sultan is a volunteer of change to combat Child Marriage.

“I was in a shock, but I knew I had to stand for that little girl and save her from child marriage”, expressed Mr. Naveed Sultan, principal of “Al-Hassan Public School” working with Punjab Education Foundation (PEF). Mr. Sultan is running the school from past seven years at Basti Chagra which is situated 7 kilometers from Sheher Sultan on Ali Pur road. He believes that he is striving a lot for the betterment of the […]

ZAHIDA BIBI – Thankful to Bedari for the support

The doorbell was ringing continuously. On opening the door, a woman entered the office rushing inside. Guard stopped her to know who she was. After satisfaction he let her in. She went to the office and after paying regards, she sat on the sofa on the left side of my table. She was served with water and the office boy went outside. She was examining the room and was panting. I let her relieve her […]

Bedari reunites Noureena with her family

The stories of women coming to Dar ul Aman are full of pain and distress, but the walls and hearts for unmarried girls at Dar ul Aman are very conservative. This story is of Noureena whom I met during my visit at Dar ul Aman. Noureena told that her mother died when she was only 7 years old. Her father remarried without even thinking about her. He used to be around his second wife all […]

Bedari will facilitate 33000 women in Gujranwala District to get their CNIC under the project, “Improving Women Participation in Electoral Process”

“Improving women participation in electoral process” (CVP cycle – 11) aims at mobilizing the relevant stakeholders and the communities to encourage and facilitate women. The focus is on getting them registered as citizens of Pakistan by preparing their Computerized National Identity Card (CNIC). The project has technical support from Citizens Voice Project – CVP. Bedari is implementing this project in district Gujranwala, Punjab from May 2017 to January 2018. This will lead to their registration […]

Zubaida is happy to have support from Bedari for her daughter’s education

In our cruel society, women are made a victim of domestic, physical, sexual and psychological violence. The worst and more common issue is that women are not considered a living being. People feel proud in considering them as an object to be used according to their needs. Under these circumstances, there are many women who prove their strength by facing these hardships and fighting against them. Many go against the customs and educate their children […]

Ramsha Sattar – An innocent child and a victim of severe abuse

  Ramsha (in the center) with her family “Throughout my marriage I was a victim of severe sexual and domestic violence and I was unaware of that because I was too young to understand”, shared Ramsha Sattar. Ramsha is just 14 years old girl and Bedari came in contact with her during a self-growth session. Her father’s name is Abdul Sattar and her husband’s name is Muhammad Azam. She has 5 sisters and 1 brother. […]

For the first time girls will ride bicycles to the school to pursue their education.

“We are only sisters and have no brother to give us pick and drop for school. Our father is a laborer. Now we will go to school by riding our cycle ourselves.  We do not need to request someone to drop us at school. We have no fear what people will say to us that we are going against social norms”, Zarina shared her feelings with tears of joy after receiving the bicycle from Bedari. […]

Bedari successfully launched its project, “Marriage: No Child’s Play” at Lahore

“Early marriage causes disastrous results for young girls. Social acceptance usually stops us from doing what we want to. We are trying to change the age of marriage from 16-18”, said Ms. Shehneela Aslam, Member Provincial Assembly, at the inauguration ceremony of Bedari’s new project. Bedari along with Oxfam successfully launched its 5 year project, Marriage: No Child’s Play, at Lahore on 24th May, 2017. The project aims at preventing child marriages by enabling young people […]

Bedari conducted a successful three days’ training with Dar Ul Amaan staff at Islamabad.

In-charges of Darul Amaans (DUAs) emphasized on enhancing their efforts in collaboration with Bedari to provide quality services to the survivors and victims of gender based violence. The In-charges and staff from 8 Dar ul Amaans from Punjab gathered at Bedari National office for three days workshop on Gender Based Violence and Implementation of Minimum Standards. Bedari with support from Amplify Change conducted a three days’ workshop with Dar ul Aman (DUA) staff from 17th to 19th […]

Luqa Indriyas starts his own school of “Arts and Crafts” with the help from Youth Economic Empowerment project.

My name is Luqa Indriyas Masih. I belong to the Christian colony, Chakwal. I did a course of art and craft with the help of Institute of Rural Management with the support from Plan Pakistan. When I secured the admission in this field, my friends made fun of me saying this field is specifically for girls. But since my childhood I loved making flowers and adding colors to them. After completing the course, I had no […]