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Salman Majeed joined social media group formed under its project Peace through Arts, and later developed interest in theater as well. He was a test case for Bedari. Among over 100 youths participating in ‘Peace through Arts’ project, he was the one most actively involved with extremist organizations. He would be at the forefront of the rallies chanting ‘kafir kafir’ slogans. A heated debate had taken place within Bedari staff whether we should let such an extremist be part of this project. The final decision was made in favor of including him, and taking him as a test case. He was the […]

Salman Majeed

Arshad Mehmood

First time in their lives – Girls go out on exposure trip

Bedari has been running a program ‘Girls’ Post Primary Level Education’ since 2009 with financial support from Girls Education International in district Chakwal of Pakistan. Currently, over 100 girls from 4 villages are going to different schools to complete their secondary education. As the quality of education is not very good at public schools, the two organizations decided to complement their education by adding self-growth sessions, and exposure visits for the girls. Bedari organized first ever exposure visit for the girls in December 2015. Preparations Preparations started with consultations with the girls, their parents, and the members of Community Based Organizations also […]

Girl Power Program concludes

Girl Power Program was a five years long program that concluded on December 31, 2015. Bedari was implementing its protection component in three districts – Chakwal, Vehari, and Multan – in Pakistan. The highlights of the program are given below: Established 52 Child Protection Committees in Vehari and Chakwal – 26 in each district Established 5 Children Clubs in poorest communities in Multan city Provided counseling and legal aid to 5,482 Girls and young women Helped build capacity of 200 new grassroots organizations  around child protection, and addressing gender based violence Reached out to 67,620 girls, young women, and boys […]

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Change of Guard at Bedari

Saleem Malik has completed his 2nd 4 years term at Bedari, and decided to retire. Safeer Ullah Khan, has been appointed the new Executive Director. He has taken charge today. We wish Saleem Malik all the best for his future endeavors. Under his able leadership, Bedari expanded manifolds – expanded its operations to many districts, and ventured into new fields to meet the new challenges, and deal with the new realities. Bedari remained at the forefront of all activities of AASHA (Alliance against Sexual Harassment at Work Place). The Alliance succeeded in getting anti-sexual harassment laws passed by the parliament […]

Bedari organizes a conference on domestic violence in Lahore

  Civil society representatives demanded enactment of effective legislation to deal with domestic violence. This demand was raised in a ‘Conference on Domestic Violence’ organized by Bedari held at SAFMA Auditorium in Lahore today. The conference was attended by people from different walks of life including members of Punjab assembly including Abeera Andaleeb, Dr. Nosheen Hamid, and Sadia Sohail Rana, Fouzia Viqar (Chairperson, Punjab Commission on the Status of Women), I A Rehman (general secretary, Human Rights Commission of Pakistan), Salman Abid (representative of Strengthening Participatory Organization), civil society representatives, media persons, and human rights activists. The conference started with […]

The Panel

My Life at 15

 Nobody thinks of marriage at the age of 15. Let us ensure that girls are married off in their teens. Let us ensure that girls complete their education before tying the knot.

Shahida Gul is reunited with her mother

  Shahida Gul was an Afghan refugee living in Peshawar, Pakistan since her birth. She was married into another Afghan refugee family that lived in Taxila– a town to the north east of Rawalpindi. She had a son and was living a happy life. But her happiness did not last long when her husband died in an accident. She was devastated. She spent a few months with her in-laws and then moved to her mother’s house in Peshawar. She remained in touch with her in-laws. Around a year later, she was requested by Mr. Shaukat Khan – her brother in […]

When Bedari staff faced harassment for supporting a victim of forced marriage

Nyla (name and other information changed for her security) lived in a small town near Sargodha. She did MA English literature and joined a local private college as lecturer. Within five years, she was promoted to the position of the Principal of the college for immense hard work and dedication. By the standards of her town, she was having a really good income. This created serious problems for her. Her family did not want to let go of her income. If she married somebody from another family, her family would have been deprived of her income and the contribution she […]

Samina aims to make her village ‘Child Marriage Free’.

I am Samina, and I am 26 now, and married for last 13 years. Here is my story: We used to live in a village near Multan city. We were 9 sisters, and no brother. My parents wanted to have a son, so they kept trying, and continued to add unwanted daughters to the family. My father worked on daily wages, which were not regular; and of course, not sufficient to meet our basic needs. Still I was going to the village school. I had a passion for studies, and wanted to join army – a rare dream for a […]

Samina from Bedari

Malik Tanveer

Tanvir Iqbal supports girls education

I am living a retired life here in my village. I served Pakistan Army for around 25 years, and receive pension from government. I had plenty of free time, and was looking for ways to make good use of it. Bedari provided me a very good opportunity. They had established a Community Based Organization (CBO), which was working for the protection of children from violence and abuse, and providing support to girls who wanted to continue their education up to secondary level. I decided to join the CBO, and contribute to the welfare of children, and girls’ education. I knew […]

Nosheen – A survivor of Domestic Violence

Nosheen, 30, belongs to a remote village of district Jhelum. She is married to Ghulam Rasool for over 10 years. She had received a few gold ornaments as her dowry from her parents. As women are not supposed to own anything, her husband considered these gold ornaments as his property. One day, they found that the gold ornaments were not there. Ghulan Rasool was enraged. He suspected that Nosheen had secretly sold the ornaments. He was so furious that he took an axe and attacked Nosheed shouting that he would cut all four of her limbs, both hands and both […]