My Life at 15

 Nobody thinks of marriage at the age of 15. Let us ensure that girls are married off in their teens. Let us ensure that girls complete their education before tying the knot.

Shahida Gul is reunited with her mother

  Shahida Gul was an Afghan refugee living in Peshawar, Pakistan since her birth. She was married into another Afghan refugee family that lived in Taxila– a town to the north east of Rawalpindi. She had a son and was living a happy life. But her happiness did not last […]

Tanvir Iqbal supports girls education

I am living a retired life here in my village. I served Pakistan Army for around 25 years, and receive pension from government. I had plenty of free time, and was looking for ways to make good use of it. Bedari provided me a very good opportunity. They had established […]

Malik Tanveer

Nosheen – A survivor of Domestic Violence

Nosheen, 30, belongs to a remote village of district Jhelum. She is married to Ghulam Rasool for over 10 years. She had received a few gold ornaments as her dowry from her parents. As women are not supposed to own anything, her husband considered these gold ornaments as his property. […]

What will Saima do when she leaves the shelter home?

Hello… I am Saima – just 16 years old, married … not only married but already divorced also. Yes, I got married when I was 11 years old. I live in a suburban town of district Multan. Well, the problem was that my father died when I was very young. […]

Saima Mughal - Submitted by Bedari

Irum’s marriage is postponed

Hi… I am Irum, I am 14 years old living in remote village named Dharyala Kahoon in district Chakwal (Punjab, Pakistan). We are three siblings – me and my two elder brothers. We were living happily – that is what I remember from my early childhood. I was too young […]

Irum with her grand mother

Nazia Bhatti succeeds in marrying the person of her choice

Nazia Bhatti, 23, was working as a nurse in a private local hospital. She belongs to a poor Christian family. She was being forced to marry her cousin, but she did not like him. She was already in love with a guy living in their neighborhood, and was not ready […]