Success Stories

Luqa Indriyas starts his own school of “Arts and Crafts” with the help from Youth Economic Empowerment project.

My name is Luqa Indriyas Masih. I belong to the Christian colony, Chakwal. I did a course of art and craft with the help of Institute of Rural Management with the support from Plan Pakistan. When I secured the admission in this field, my friends made fun of me saying this field is specifically for girls. But since my childhood I loved making flowers and adding colors to them. After completing the course, I had no […]

Shabana benefits from Youth Economic Empowerment Project

My name is Shabana. I belong to Dhairi Saiyyadan, Choa Saidan Shah. I did a training course to learn the make-up skill/beautician from Institute of Rural Management with the support from Plan Pakistan a year ago. After completing the course, I started working in my native area. Over the period of time I earned perfection. However, the number of customers remained thin. I knew why it was so but could not do anything about it. […]

Irum’s Story: Education helped her avoid child marriage

Hi… I am Irum, I am 14 years old, living in remote village named Dharyala Kahoon in district Chakwal (Punjab, Pakistan). We are three siblings – me and my two elder brothers. We were living happily – that is what I remember from my early childhood. I was too young to understand the tricky situation, but I remember everything changed with my father’s death. I was just three then. I didn’t know what death meant; […]

Samina aims to make her village  ‘Child Marriage Free’

I am Samina, and I am 26 now, and married for last 13 years. Here is my story: We used to live in a village near Multan city. We were 9 sisters, and no brother. My parents wanted to have a son, so they kept trying, and continued to add unwanted daughters to the family. My father worked on daily wages, which were not regular; and of course, not sufficient to meet our basic needs. […]

Anam Bibi manages to put herself back on track after a disastrous child marriage

My name is Anam; I am 20 years old, having a 4 years old son – Fahad. I have gone through a lot in past 5 years. Let me tell you my story. I was studying in 10th grade, and living, by and large, a happy life. I would go to school daily, work hard, play with my classmates, and come back home. At home, I had to help my mother with household chores as […]

You brought my son back

Salman Majeed joined social media group formed under Peace through ArtsSalman Majeed project, and later developed interest in theater as well. He was a test case for Bedari. Among over 100 youths participating in ‘Peace through Arts’ project, he was the one most actively involved with extremist organizations. He would be at the forefront of the rallies chanting ‘kafir kafir’ slogans. A heated debate had taken place within Bedari staff whether we should let such […]

Jamila gets her daughter back

Jamila is a 24-year old married woman with two daughters. Her husband Bilal works as a cobbler in the city. She spent the first six months of marriage happily with her husband but that changed when her mother-in-law started threatening her with a divorce if she did not bear a male child within a year. She got pregnant soon after but when she asked her husband to take her for a medical check-up, he began […]

Iqra Munir would have been raising kids by now…

Iqra Munir’s elder sister had to leave her school when she was in class 7. Soon she got married. More or less the same future was expected for Iqra as well. Her father had died a few years ago. She was also in class 7 when she dropped out of her school as the family could not afford the cost of transportation to and from the Secondary School. However, she did not have to stay […]

Fozia rejoins her school…

Fozia Zikriya had been studying in the Government Elementary School, and living a life free of cares in her small village named Sarkalan some 48 Kilometers to the south-west of Chakwal City. But fate had something else in store for her. Her father was implicated in a false case of murder, and had been tortured, which paralyzed him mentally, and he became schizophrenic. This created a very tough situation for the family, as the only […]

Sultana Batool – the girl saved from teenage marriage – is now earning a decent living

Sultana* wanted to study further but her parents had other plans for her. As they could not afford to keep her in school, they had selected a groom for her and wanted to marry her off as soon as possible so that they could have one less mouth to feed. Sultana was in deep trouble and just did not know if there was any way out of this difficult situation. That was the time when […]