Ghulam Fatima is trying to outperform her younger classmates…

Ghulam Fatima belongs to a remote village Sarkalan in the sub-district Kallar Kahar, District Chakwal. She had studied up to 8th grade, but then her father died, and it became impossible for her to continue her studies. As her mother started taking up small assignments to earn a few bucks to support her children, Ghulam Fatima had to stay at home and do the daily chores of a house wife. Though she could not study, yet she made it sure that her younger sister Maafia goes to school.

As time passed, Maafia also passed her exam for 8th grade, and expressed her desire to continue her education. As Fatima had been unable to study further, she wanted fulfill her younger sister’s desire at any cost. For this, she took to sewing and embroidery to earn a little extra money to support her sister. “It was a moment of great joy for me, when Maafia brought her new books home. My eyes were filled with tears”, said Fatima as tears welled up again in her eyes.

As Bedari team came to know about this story, it decided to ensure that both Maafia and Fatima could go to school. Now Ghulam Fatima has joined her younger sister Maafia in school. Though Fatima is a bit overage, but feels happy and is trying to perform better than her much younger classmates.